Monthly Archive:: December 2005

Here’s my Christmas card to you! Family should be arriving within the next few days, presents must be wrapped, work is madness and I seem to have caught a cold. So I am going to take a little downtime to get things ready for Navidad. Which means I will have to post ...Read More


Finally, here’s my list of favorite reads for 2005. I know some of you have already put up your favorites of 2005 but for those of you who haven’t I hope you’ll share some of your favorites soon. Fiction Brick Lane by Monica Ali Case Histories by Kate Atkinson Agnes Grey by ...Read More

El Boom

El Boom was the literary scene in Latin America made up of writers such as Carlos Fuentes, Julio Cortazar and Gabriel Garcia Marquez who gained international attention with a new literature style that combined modern experimentation with elements of Latin American life and culture. In other words, Magical Realism. A new surge ...Read More