Monthly Archive:: September 2005


I’m back from New York City. It was a good trip even if it was all about work and a lot of work at that. I was really hoping to get away for a bit and do some shopping but no luck. Oh well, TGIF. I’m ready to relax and enjoy the ...Read More

It’s Late

I had all intentions of posting the Boston pics but I ended up watching Medium instead. I’m so bad. In my defense that’s the only television program I watch. It’s the spookiness factor that draws me in. I’m off to New York tomorrow so I won’t be able to blog until Friday. ...Read More

Freedom To Read

Do something radical this week and read a banned book! This annual event reminds us not to take this freedom for granted. Take a look at this list and see some of the most challenged books in the past decade. Can you imagine not being able to read Judy Blume or Maya ...Read More