Monthly Archive:: March 2005

A Conversation

I’ve been a bit bummed out about work lately. Not so much the work itself but there are issues of office morale, etc. The good news is that things seem to be on the right track now. Naturally I thought what a better way to pick up my spirits than to get ...Read More

Totally Tired

Work was stressful today and as soon as I got home I went to bed. I took a nap at 5:30 p.m. – What is wrong with me! Well, it could be that I didn’t get to bed until past midnight the previous evening. Yes, I was reading and lost track of ...Read More

Literary Roundup

Were you a fan of the Sweet Valley High Books? C’mon you know you couldn’t wait until the next book in the series. If you still can’t get enough of the world of the twins, check out the latest Bust Magazine. Francine Pascal is interviewed and you’ll find out what to expect ...Read More